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Take the guess work out of Keto meal prep. Eating foods high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates is the foundation of a ketogenic meal plan. Myoplex Keto Meal Replacement makes it easier for athletes to supplement their meals during their training schedule. Scroll down to read practical keto tips directly from athletes and nutritionists.

Go Against The Grain

Endurance athletes who 'go against the grain' become incredible fat-burners

5 Common Keto Mistakes

Solutions from athlete Jason Wittrock to keep you on the path to ketosis

Fat for Fuel

Embrace a Keto Lifestlye to Reach Your Physique Goals

Practical Keto Tips

Burn Fat with Fat: Tips and Tricks from Keto Experts

Adapting to a Ketogenic Lifestyle

An Interview with 6-time Ironman Champion Dave Scott

Myoplex Ketogenic
Meal Replacement

is designed to support muscle growth and healthy recovery

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Myoplex Ketogenic Meal Replacement Packs are meal replacement powders with 75% of calories from fat, 20% of calories from protein and 5% of calories from carbohydrates to make them a great support for a ketogenic meal plan.

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