We work with several organizations, teams and training facilities to further our innovation in sports nutrition and ensure that our products are safe for you to take as part of your daily routine. Each of these groups help us develop products that effectively boost your body's ability to perform and excel without the use of additives or banned substances.


In early 2006, EAS entered into a partnership with two leading nonprofit organizations – the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the National High School Athletic Coaches Association (NHSACA). We work with these two organizations to ensure that athletes understand the dangers of banned substances, and provide safe alternatives to help them achieve proper nutrition. 
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What is the NSF Athletic Banned Substances Program?
Also known as NSF Certified for Sport™, the program minimizes the risk that a dietary supplement or sports nutrition product contains banned substances when taken at the recommended serving size.* NSF developed this program to meet the growing demand of athletes, coaches and all those concerned about banned substances in sports.

What is the purpose of the program?
The program certifies that participating manufacturers and their products have met NSF's stringent independent certification process guidelines, including:

  • Product testing for banned substances and label content confirmation.
  • Formulation and label review.
  • Production facility and supplier inspections.
  • Ongoing monitoring.

*NSF has tested and certified that these products contain the identity and quantity of dietary ingredients declared on the product label, and that these products do not contain known banned substances. NSF certification, however, is limited to the specific serving size on the label, and consumption in excess of that serving size is not part of the certification. Select EAS products are certified through the NSF Athletic Banned Substance Certified for Sport™ Program, which is used by several professional and amateur sports leagues.
Certified for Sport™ is not a trademark of Abbott Laboratories.


HFL Sport Science is a world-renowned sports doping control and research laboratory, with over 47 years of expertise in anti-doping in sport.

  • HFL works with more than 100 sports authorities in 20 countries.
  • HFL tests products for a range of substances that appear on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List, as well as lists from organizations such as the National Football League, National Collegiate Athlete Association and Major League Baseball.
  • HFL Testing methods have been validated and accredited to the ISO 17025 standard in supplements/ ingredients testing.