Definition of Dietary Supplement
Anabolic Steroids are Not Dietary Supplements and Dietary Supplements are Not Anabolic Steroids
Dietary Supplement Regulation
Abbott Nutrition and Supplement Industry Regulation
How long is a container of EAS 100% Whey Protein good for once it has been opened?
Can the 100% Whey Protein be heated without destroying the nutrients?
What is the source of whey in the 100% Whey Protein? Is it from enzymes or cultures?
Why is the cholesterol so high in the EAS 100% Whey Protein?
Can a pregnant woman consume AdvantEDGE Carb Control products?
How many AdvantEDGE Carb Control RTDs are recommended per day? What is the maximum amount an individual can safely consume in a day?
When would a man take Betagen?
Is there any ingredient(s) in Betagen that would elevate blood sugar in someone with diabetes?
Is there a possibility that someone could consume too much HMB using Betagen and Muscle Armor?
Can Lean 15 powder be heated and/or used for baking?
Can the EAS protein powders be mixed with foods instead of liquid to increase the protein content of foods?
If Muscle Armor is taken with meals as recommended on the label, will any of the ingredients compete with amino acids from the meal for absorption? Would it be better to consume Muscle Armor before or after workouts instead of with meals?
Is Phos HP a replacement for Phos Force?
Why did you take Phos Force off the market? Was there something wrong with that product?
What are the differences between Phos HP and Phos Force?
Will Phos HP cause flushing like Phos Force did?
What exactly is HMB? From where is it derived?
How long can EAS protein powders that have been mixed into a shake be kept at room temperature? How long can they be stored (already mixed) in the refrigerator?
Are there any animal products other than milk in the EAS Soy Protein?
Is EAS Soy Protein produced in a facility containing nuts or nut-products?
Are the Myoplex RTDs manufactured in locations that contain nuts or nut allergens?
What are the nutritional differences between Myoplex Lite RTD and powder?
Why is the sodium content in the Myoplex RTDs so high?
Do the Myoplex Original RTDs or powders contain any animal products other than milk or egg ingredients? If so, what is the origin of the animal products?
What is the recommended number of Myoplex servings an individual should consume per day?
What is the ratio of whey to casein in the milk protein concentrate found in the Myoplex Strength RTD shakes?
EAS product usage during Pregnancy or Breastfeeding
EAS – Daily Protein Recommendations:
Is it possible to consume too much protein?
Are there adverse effects of consuming too much protein? If so, how would one know if they were getting too much protein from their diet?