Nutrition to supercharge weight management

Managing weight isn’t just about eating less and exercising more. What you eat has just as big an impact on shedding pounds and getting toned as how much you eat, and maybe more. Simply reducing portion sizes, if you’re not careful, can sometimes just make you lose muscle instead of fat, and do little to help your overall health and fitness.

Follow these general rules in creating your weight-management nutrition plan:

  • Reduce carbs, but don’t cut them out completely. Carbs are essential for energy, especially during physical activity, and carb-starving your body will simply make you lose muscle mass.
  • Likewise, consume fats in moderation. Your body needs certain fats to maintain your nervous system and to absorb vitamins, among other functions.
  • Focus on fruits and vegetables. They provide the nutrients your body needs without the excess calories.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated. If you’re feeling hungry, try drinking water first; we sometimes trick ourselves into eating when we’re only thirsty.
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